Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Phillips Point before the start of the day - West Palm Beach (and the first post of a weekly subject - Time-Lapse Tuesday!)

I've been thinking a little bit lately about a new direction for my blog (not that it's earth shattering news or anything) but......

I need a little direction and focus. For the last year and a few months, its been random regurgitations of somewhat useless information, and although I am sure that will continue to be the driving force of this sillyness, I have decided to give it a bit of structure. So, that being said, today will be the first post of a regular installment for Tuesdays called.......ready drumroll.......Time-Lapse Tuesdays!.............(cricket, cricket, cricket...........)

I have a few more ideas as well, but lets just see how well this goes first (hehehe)

Sunrise over the intracoastal - West Palm Beach

About 2 blocks from where I fall out of bed in the mornings is the seawall of West Palm Beach. There is a lot of great change happening down here. City boat docks, safe and secure waterfront paths, and a new park by the old library. This early morning walk and location seemed like the ideal place to practice my new time-lapse techniques.

Timelapse camera ready for action

So, here is the rig. A Nikon D300 with a 10mm fisheye lense set up on a Gitzo Traveler tripod with a Really Right Stuff ballhead and L bracket. I set the internal interval timer to give a 5 exposure burst every 10 seconds. I then batch processed them in Photomatix, brought them into Lightroom for noise and dust removal before creating a time-lapse in Quicktime Pro.

I think it looks a bit dark...even on my monitor, so I am sure that it might be a bit dark for a lot of you out there. Anyway, my first HDR time-lapse! Stop by next Tuesday for my weekly video!

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Richard Haber said...

Wow Mike, that's an amazing piece of work. I've played around with HDR on a single image and attempted some time lapse sequences so I can appreciate the effort that went into this. Even if you did use batch processing for the HDR and to clean them up in Lightroom, this is a mighty project! The results really are worth it.

I also like the idea of structuring the blog to have themes, like you had mentioned earlier. I am interested to see how it works out. Keep it up!