Monday, June 8, 2009

A break in the sky over the West Palm Beach, Florida intracoastal

I just love to watch how the sun and clouds position themselves in this delicate dance we call a sunset. Just a couple of nights ago, as the sun was disappearing below the horizon, its warmth was reflected and bounced all over the sky in a somewhat random haphazard way. The thick canopy of storm clouds up camera right seemed to be happy to throw back all the lumens they could, reflecting a warm and soothing but yet eerie orange glow. Like I have said before, its a hit or miss light show here quite often, but this night was definitely a winner!

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Catalin said...

Since I discovered your blog through David's HDR book I'm visiting every day :)

You're so lucky to get those kind of skies in your area. That almost never happens in Dubai!

Very nice shot!