Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reflections in Reyjavik

Reflections in Reyjavik, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

I've been thinking a lot about drive recently, you know, that feeling inside all of us, that motivates us. For some, this emotion is quite powerful. At against what sometimes appears to be incredibly infinite odds, a fortunate few seem to excel while leaving others to perish in their wake. Perhaps this collision of thoughts is in direct relationship to the 8 or so...thats at least 8.....unfinished books I am attempting to read simultaneously, whilst listening to complete series of Tony Robbins CD's. A overflowing cornucopia of ideas to say the least. I have so much to say, yet, not sure how to say it all. More on all that later I guess..

So, getting back to the word "Drive" before I sidetracked myself. As the rest of Reykjavik was getting ready for the weekend pub crawl here in Iceland, a deep passion to continue to document as much as I could from this isolated island found me wandering the city for reflections. So what is my drive in this process? What possesses the sane individual to head out in the cold, damp, evening to capture a simple scene or 2 like this. Moreover, spend precious time in the digital darkroom processing it into what "might" be considered by a few as art or at least worthy of a quick glance. To even add more to the process is the time consumed tagging it, filing it, uploading it, posting it, and finally.....rambling on for what now must feel like hours (sorry about that!).

Well, I certainly do not have the answer, but I have recently been enjoying the journey searching for it. Hmm, I guess enjoying the journey while savoring the happiness is really what its all about isn't it?

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