Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunset at the Jupiter Inlet

Sunset at the Jupiter Inlet, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

I had an urge to head out this evening to chase the light. I must have looked like a nut case heading out with 2 camera body's and tripods as it was pouring rain in West Palm Beach. According to the weather online, there was no rain in the area.....hmmm, go figure. Up north about 30 minutes or so, I had a feeling that the weather might break up a bit.

The Jupiter Inlet has a special place in my heart. Having spent my high school and early college years in this area, there were many memories to recall as I perched myself up on the inlet rocks to catch a view of the evening light. I set up one camera with a fisheye to capture a time-lapse of the water and fading light as I crawled around like a kid looking for just the right place to capture the mood of the evening. With a little Jami Sieber on the Ipod, the mood was perfect. Too bad that feeling had to come to a close so fast.

Its funny how people can be in the same beautiful place and mentally be in completely opposite places. As I was in my truck reviewing a few images and still listening to the cinematic music with one of the ear pieces, the other ear was picking up on some voices of a crowd of kids that seemed to be getting louder by the minute. It was when I backed out of the parking spot and glanced in my rear view mirror that my serene mood of the evening was shattered. It seems that the rowdy group had kicked it up a notch as the mob appeared to be in full rumble. Arms were flying, legs were kickin, hair was being pulled, ...... a full on chaotic confrontation ensued as the mass seemed to be beating the crap out of each other! WTF is going on! What happened to my peaceful inlet that our family used to enjoy when I was a kid? I hope its there the next time I visit :(

Here's a little clip of a time lapse that I shot whilst climbing about!

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