Thursday, June 18, 2009

Close to the continental divide in Iceland

If you look on a map of the tectonic plates, Iceland just happens to be perched directly over the center of a crack as it were. I didn't really know that that until, well, I was there. A little unsettling while there I guess, but hey, I live in South of the hurricane. I guess we all take a little risk here while taking this planet for a little ride.


This unique location of this volcanic Island is perhaps but one reason why this nation is about 95% self sufficient in their fuel needs. The little geo thermal steam trace up near the top left side of the image here is a little example of what you see all over this Island. ALso, contrary to what some may believe, Iceland is really quite green! At least it was that way when I was there in May. Hmmm, mid December, perhaps a different story altogether.....

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Sam Blair said...

Hi Mike, I sent you an email about your work on June 11-by memory, from

Anyway, I love your work, and am working my way through your entire on line portfolio. I'm particularly interested in Iceland as I'm going there to photograph in late July. In addition to landscapes, I'm after Puffins with herring stuffed in their mouths, waterfall, icebergs. Do you have any tips for a first timer?

Keep posting these incredible images.

Sam Blair