Monday, June 15, 2009

Chillion Castle in Montreux - Photo painting

Every once in a while, I think its a good idea to revisit an image. This one has a kinda significance to me for 2 reasons. First, during this trip a couple of years ago, my passion for photography was reborn as well as my initial dabbling into the world of HDR imaging. In fact, this one was absolutely the first one that I ever processed. Second, not since my backpacking days of the early 90's had I been back to Europe. Having recently separated from my wife, this trip seemed to be a way of "finding myself".....just like some of my earlier trips. I am still looking by the way. Funny how that can be a lifelong search isn't it?

So, anyway, I felt that this shot could use a little work with some techniques I have been working with. My intention was to give it a "painterly look" as well as pump up the vibrant color that I remember so well from that trip. Hope ya like :)

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Beatriz Kim said...

It looks great, though I would have loved to see it larger. When I clicked on the picture, it took me to Flickr, but for some reason you "all sizes" option is missing...not to mention to rest of the options.

You're doing a fantastic job with the realist point of view. How about trying to do something looser? Like an impressionistic point of view. As an image, it might give you an increased satisfaction of the painted effect. Though I have no idea how you would do that! Just a thought in the middle of the night!!