Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Afterglow Mausoleum in Friday Harbor

So after cruising thru a few images I have ready to regurgitate into the online world, I decided on this one. I have a couple like this that I might throw out there over the next couple of days. Images that I worked on, but have no real remembrance to what it was I was actually photographing. I kinda like that though. I seem to get a little carried away looking for compositions, color, details, and all that stuff and seem to, well, just bypass the real information like what the hell I am photographing!

While up in the San Juan Islands on a little photo workshop last year, I happened to stumble across this kinda bizarre little memorial of sorts out in the woods. I remember some very unique and strange 7 columns, one column incomplete, 6 chairs....I am sure it all had some sort of signifigance. Also, the fact that it was in the middle of the forest added to the mystery. I bet it's pretty spooky at night actually! Anyway, thanks to the internet, here a little more, or shall we say ALOT more, about the site.

Real actual information about the location!

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