Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A brilliant brush of afternoon color

About a week ago, I posted another version of this as you might remember. The last one was more of a cropped panorama, where as this is not......

cricket, cricket,....

Geez, thats it Mike? Thats all you have to say. What's with the extreme fiery looking sky by the way?

Well, there is that!

Seriously, what really captivated me to hang out and watch this incredible light show was the slice of blue sky up on the left side. I just loved the contrast of the warm and cool colors. It seemed like an escape hatch actually. A couple of weeks ago, we had some extreme sky action for a couple of days right around sunset time. I am so looking forward to more of that soon!

By the way, I am in the middle of what has got to be one of the worlds most easiest moves ever. I have 2 weeks to move down one floor and to the other side of the building ....... LOL. I have casually moved about 8 or 10 carts of stuff so far while shooting time-lapse footage with a fisheye lense from the balcony of the Florida sky from the new place. More to come on that someday I am sure.

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