Monday, June 30, 2008

A walk in the Brazilian rain forest

"Mike, what is this? This does not look like your typical post. Where is the surreal over-saturated daily picture?"

Well, I decided to change it up a bit for a few days. It does however mean the following. 

#1, I am going down a path of no HDR images for a week. Those of you that follow my flickr stream know that HDR imagery is what I post the most. I love creating them, but want to take a little break. They do take a little bit of time to really get them the way I like them. I have a few in the vault for next week. Not sure what my I am going to post this week yet, more on that later. 

#2, the tread on my sketchers was not quite appropriate for this trail in Brazil. I was slipping all over this thing the other day. I must have looked like a buffoon. I literally fell on my ass 3 different times and saved about 5 or 6 other falls! Always fun when your carrying a D300! Was a nice walk, but man, did I feel like an idiot!

On more thing. My brother asked me upon my arrival what food the Brazilians are known for. I was at a complete lack of an answer. In fact, I guess I still am. They did have a lot of empanadas now that I think of it. An empanada is a pastry filled with various kinds of meat. Mystery meat in a essence....a Hot Pocket! I also recall an incredible bowl of soup from the hotel I stayed at my last night in Sao Paulo. The menu said "Traditional Brazilian Chicken Soup." It was indeed the best soup I have ever had. Those who know me well know me as a soup connoisseur or sorts. I have often been heard saying "once the soup course is over, the rest of the meal is a downhill ride." So Dave, I guess there you have it. Soup and hot favorite Brazilian meal!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Churchill and Roosevelt hanging out at the Four Arts Garden

Well, since I am returning to the states tomorrow morning, I decided to post an image from home. This was taken at the park behind the Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach the day before I left....the day they canceled my flight. I have seen quite a bit over the last few days. Its an awesome experience to be on the road working with a really cool crew as well as experiencing new places, however, it means even more to get back home to see my kid!

I decided to see Iguazo Falls from the Argentinean side today. What a great idea! There is no real way I can come close to describing this natural wonder. I was looking forward to some great lighting for my images today, however, the sun didn't come out until I was leaving the park! No kidding, as I was walking out to meet my ride, the sky was full of incredible clouds. In fact, I snapped about 20 shots of just the sky! Oh well, the park was still worth it.

Well, thats about it for now. Next blog from the states!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lobby of the Hilton Morumbi in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The night before I checked out, I realized that I really didn't capture the essence or feel of Sao Paulo. In fact, I really didn't capture anything at all! Back down the elevator I went on a shooting frenzie...for whatever I could get! This is a shot of the lobby.....sorry, I was tired!

I am enjoying my last evening in Iguazu falls in Brazil. Tomorrow, my plan is to catch a taxi to the Argentinean side of the falls and explore that side before my evening flight to Sao Paulo.

Ciao amigos!

Iguazu Panorama

Made it down to Iguazu Falls last night. Incidentally, I have seen it spelled about 5 different ways! This area was used in some of the scenes in the recent Indiana Jones movie. These falls are on the Brazil/Argentina border and are quite possible, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! I am staying in a hotel within the park, which is great. The falls are right out the front door!

The weather is, well, quite awful. The sky is milky white and it has been raining a little. I processed this a few times to try to paint what I wanted to see. Maybe I overdid it a little...all right, alot! Hoping for better weather this afternoon. 

Friday, June 27, 2008

View from the Hilton Morumbi in Sao Paulo

Upon checkin to my hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I was quite happy when the elevator door opened at the 26th floor to see this view from the business center. If it wasn't for this view, I wouldn't have gotten any real captures at all!

Sao Paulo didn't seem to be a city that one would love to just wander around in, like Paris, New York, or......well.......just about ANYWHERE else. The hotel was great, in fact it was awesome, but it felt like we were in a 5 star fortress with a huge mall attached to it! I have traveled quite an bit, and I love to get "lost" when I travel. It would be a nightmare to get lost in this city....especially with camera gear!

Anthony Bourdain (AKA, the travel channels ultimate traveling Guru) hit the nail on the head when he said "Sao Paulo is a city thats best experienced with an insider." I would have to agree!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

La Boca Waterfront Facade

La Boca is an area of Buenos Aires well known for its colorful houses, street performers, and Tango dancers. We rushed down there right after the meeting we were at, chasing the light as it were. This was taken from the port side. The water in the port was pretty thick with mystery debris!

As far as Sao Paulo goes, jeez! This place is huge. It is quite the sprawling city. High rise buildings as far as the eye can see. Never have I seen in all my travels the haves living quite so close to the have nots. Not a pretty city at all from what I have seen so far. This is the type of place it really helps to have an inside connection in!


Well, um, enough said.....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

La Boca with too much texture

Eric and I headed off to a place called La Boca the other night. I captured a few as the tour buses started to leave and the place kinda started to bring on that seedy after dark feeling.

Cathedral Metropolitana

We walked quite a bit our first day here and came across this cathedral near Plaza DeMayo. One of the nice things about our shoot here was there were no "tripod police"! Rob and I took shots all over the place and were never bothered at all.

We are about to wrap up the session for today. It was a simple meeting actually, but the first day of setup was plagued with technical issues. The Argentinean version of the LED lights were totally freaking out. We chased down flickering units for hours. It was a totally unpredictable problem. The ghost in the machine eventually left the room, and we had 2 days of flawless meetings. The presenters have been a mix of English and Spanish speakers. For example, right now, someone is babbling on in Spanish. If it was not for the interpreter, the stage manager would have NO idea what was going on. Every one of us (lighting, sound, stage manager, video engineer, power point operator, and producer) are working on a variety of things on our cruise control! It was kinda cool to be Skyping the advance crew in Brazil and Steve in Belgium today.....SKYPE chat from 3 different countries. Technology is cool!

We plan to scour the city again for more images. Tomorrow we meet in the lobby at about 11am for the trip to Brazil!

More on all of this later :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

The lonely walk home

The walk from Puerto Madero after dinner was a cool one a couple of evenings ago here in Buenos Aires. I kind of liked the old cool feel of this quiet side street on our walk up Lavalle Street back to the hotel.

Floralis Gene'rica

The Floralis Generica is one of the most recognizable images of Buenos Aires. Located in the Plaza Naciones Unidas (United Nations Plaza), this huge metal sculpture symbolizes all of the flowers of the world. During a 20 minute process each night, this structure closes its 6 petals mimicking the actual movement of a real flower. Similar to the controversy and acceptance of the Eiffel Tour in France, the locals have had a mixed range of opinions regarding its appearance in this beautiful city.

I ran out to capture this after session yesterday. After a few captures, I wandered toward some church bells I heard in the distance. There was a really cool cathedral at the top of the hill that mass was in full swing at. At 11PM! The small sidewalks leading up to it were lined with local vendor stalls selling just about everything. It was such a barrage of color, sound, and smell! As I walked through the city, the locals were celebrating the victory of the local regional soccer team. It was really cool to see entire families stopping at bridges and over passes only to get out with their flags to wave for the teams support. As countless cars passed by and honked, I tried to capture the energy of this celebration both in camera and in person.

Enjoy! :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Buenos Aires traffic

The Panamericanna Hotel has a great spa and pool area on the top floor that I captured this from. It was cold and a little windy up there and I had to work arround the plexiglass high walls. Its amazing to watch 8 lanes of traffic moving each way through this city.

La Estancia Restaurante' in Buenos Aires

One thing I can always count on with Rick's shows, good food, good company, and a great wine choice! On the way back from a fantastic dinner down by the docks, we were all trying to capture Buenos Aires at night. Feels like a Barcelonian Paris with a dash of Mexico (if that makes any sense at all!)

Here's a shot of Rick in front of the restaurant that we had dinner at last night right around the corner from the hotel. Funny thing, I didn't notice him there taking a shot of me as I was taking these exposures!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires

They say that Buenos Aires is the Paris of Latin America. So far, I haven't seen too much of the city, but from what I have seen so far, I have to agree. This was taken outside of a cathedral near Plaza De Mayo.

As far as our load-in at the's a small room, very small. I am pretty sure that I can focus without a ladder. There is actually a very good chance that the focus will happen by not raising a foot off of the ground! A few technical situations going on here in all departments, but hey, their scrambling to work them out. Once the data situation is chased down, the Argentinian LED lights might work out just fine

Friday, June 20, 2008

Palm Beach Skys

Palm Beach Skys, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

This was captured the day I left for my 2nd attempt to get to Buenos Aires. The clouds were ready to rip open and drop some much needed rain of South Florida.

I am in Buenos Aires now. We are at a great hotel in a great location. It is still raining quite a bit. After a brief 3 or 4 hour walk through part of the town in the drizzle right after my flight, I met up with a few of the guys and went out for another walk and then to capture some images of a cathedral. Business class on American airlines to here rocked by the way!

After dinner, we walked around a bit more and checked out some leather products, which they are known for down here, then headed back to the hotel for a few games of pool.

Load-in is tomorrow, and with any luck, all will go smooth.

More on all this and some images from down here later!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boston Harbor near Fanuel Hall

At the airport again...take 2. With any luck, I will be in Buenos Aires in the morning! The weather is alot better this evening, should be ok.

This was taken from my last trip to Boston. Texture applied to the sky. Enjoy!

Night at the Prado

Night at the Prado, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

I should be on a plane to Buenos Aires, but the flight was canceled 1 hour before boarding. I got there 3 hours early too. They never give you a good excuse do they? "We are having equipment problems" Equipment problems, I always ask...what equipment? "Oh, the plane" Well, wouldn't that be easier to say...problems with the plane?

Oh well, trip will have to wait another day. So much for the free day for image gathering!

I captured this off of my balcony tonight after I got back home. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Statue of St. Therese from St. Leonard's in Boston

St. Therese is looking over me as I wait to board my flight to South America. This shot was taken with my D3 and 50mm 1.8 lense. I really wanted to isolate the background, even though it was fairly close to her head. It was a 5 shot HDR that I processed, then added some texture on her robe in CS3.

For those of you reading this not into photography, your thinking.........whatever.....

I fully intend to hit the ground running in Buenos Aires when I arrive. It looks like its raining there too, so I will just have to make the best of it. They say that Buenos Aires of the Paris of Latin America, and I love Paris, so this should be a nice trip. If I get good internet connections there, I will be posting everyday just like always. Geez, everyday since April 1st. What in the world have I babbled on about?

I just heard a the airport. Lady next to me apparently has a cat in a carrier. Looks kinda cute .......

Geez!!! Now thats babbling. Alright, on that note, I'm outta here!

More on all of this later!

Set looks from the Coty Show

Although the show was simple and quite small, its still fun to capture. We had a few other looks that I wanted to capture, but the morning was kinda nuts with presenters and people walking on the stage and in front of the camera

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Turnberry Golf Course

I went out this morning from my room at the newly spruced up Turnberry/Fairmont Resort down in Aventura before our call time in the ballroom. The nice cool dry ballroom! Outside was a different story however. Within 10 minutes I was drenched! South Florida was so hot and humid today. Summer is here in the tropics!

Off to South America tomorrow. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Coty - General Session

Opening session went off without a hitch here in Miami at Turnberry. If your in town, the steak restaurant here is awesome!

Dinner after General Session

Here is a grunged up image of the opening night party of the group I am working with at Turnberry in Miami today and tomorrow. A special thanks to my crew for taking my chicken scratch drawings and turning the room into art!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Fathers Day comes to a close

As another wonderful Fathers Day comes to a close, I just want to wish all you Fathers out there a happy and safe one. Enjoy your little ones when you are with them. Those are special times. Now is the time to make great memories for tomorrow!

Off to Miami tonight to light a business meeting and corporate party for 2 days, then off to South America for 10 days!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

On headset

This blog has, up until now, been predominately a photo blog. Well, with all the photoshop work, perhaps it’s an image blog. And yes, it has served as a pretty cool documentary of images from my career as a lighting designer. Sure there has been the occasional post of a rooster or a rabbit, but for the most part, I don’t really dribble on about the days accomplishments, give facts about new camera gear, or rant about poor customer service I received somewhere. There are other fantastic blogs for that, some of which I read on a regular basis.

As I listen to Pat Metheny’s melodic acoustic work in “One Quiet Night” on the Ipod, I am trying to recall the events that unfolded yesterday. I had fully intended to be processing some images from the last day in Boston on the flight I am on right now. The walking tour from the brochure looked like a great place to take in “Old World” Boston. The walk from downtown would have taken me past century old buildings, the Old North Cathedral, and the USS Constitution just to name a few.

The plan was to take a 2 hour power nap after our show was over and hit the trail with the overloaded camera backpack. After about 20 minutes in the room, that’s when “IT” hit. I am referring to the most excruciatingly sharp pain in the head I have ever experienced. It started as an intensely tight feeling in the top back of my neck that sent signals of bullet precision pain to the front of my head. Oh my god, am I dying? Is this what it feels like? Thoughts of recent tragedies that hit close to home went through my head. Is this what Ryan Reott felt like before his aneurism? Did John Wurm feel this bad before he passed out and went into the coma that he is still in today? Was Jon Stoll aware he was having a stroke as it took his life?

I have a pretty good tolerance to pain, or at least I think I do. I also think I am pretty healthy. I don't even think I have had a cold in over a year. As I paced back and forth in the hotel room attempting to find comfort in the fact that might not ever see tomorrow, the throbbing pain got even worse. I couldn’t even cry. My entire body seemed to be focused of delivering these pain signals with the precise timing of a Swiss train.

The decision to call the front desk for a Dr. was a difficult one for me to make. “What’s wrong Mr. Steighner?” “Well, I have a real bad headache…….” Pause……”Well, sorry to hear that”……pause……”Is there a Doctor on staff?”……..”Well, not really”…....Al-righty, here we go!

The wait for the ambulance in the lobby was an awkward one. Passing guests, the concierge, the security guards, all of them seemed to be looking at me with this “what is he on?” look. “I’m not a druggie, I’m dying over here!” At least, that’s what it felt like.

When the ambulance showed up, I quickly realized that Ringling Brothers had apparently released a couple of their circus clowns to pick me up. At first, I thought that the cavalry had arrived. These hopes rapidly deteriorated as one of the techs asked me for my address at least 3 times as he tried to figure out the state of the art wireless data system he was attempting to utilize. State of the art only works when paired with a properly trained technician. Just as the 2nd technician finished his balloon art, a poodle I think it was, he honked his red nose, jumped in the front seat, and away we went. They had nothing at all relieve the pain even though I asked for a ballpeen hammer twice.

After navigating the rush hour Boston traffic, we arrived at the emergency room. The whole process of collecting personal information continued, or should I dare say, started again….from the beginning! Just to springboard forward an hour or 2 just for a moment, this painful process was continued yet again a 3rd time as well in the ER room #1. This time it was with what I thought was an intelligent nurse. That is, until I had to repeat every last word about 3 or 4 times. Must have been the drugs they gave me, not sure. I hope she got it all right. If she didn’t, I might never get the bill! HA! Anyway……...

Fast forward to my ER room. Hooked up to IV, fluid pouring into my arm, EKG sensors on my chest, automatic blood pressure sensors hooked up…I’m not going anywhere soon. I can’t say enough kind words about the Dr. and nurses however. I never had a rushed feeling, they made me feel comfortable, they answered questions, and all seemed very knowledgeable. And wow, was that catscan tech cute! I won’t soon forget her, that’s for sure. (sorry, I digress)

To make a long story, well, even longer, they went though a series of tests to rule out things. The Dr. came in and immediately ran a few simple reaction tests to see if I had a stroke. I was impressed with his speed of the delivery of these tests. He was taking this seriously! “Lift up your arms, smile, tell me what you had for dinner, look here, look here, where are you at……” He was doing all the classic things you are to do to a patient to rule out a stroke. I remember reading about this process before. Perhaps this is what the balloon clowns should have done about an hour ago?!?! Once a stroke was ruled out, he then described the next few steps which included a cat scan and then possibly a spinal tap. I proceeded to ask him if Nigel Tuflan and the rest of the band were gonna be there, only to receive 3 blank stares in return!

The next few moments are a bit cloudy. Yes, for some reason, the cat scan tech is forever etched in my brain, but nothing else really. The last real crisp moment I had was being asked to curl up in a fetal position to receive the spinal tap needle. I don’t even remember it at all as I think the VERSED drug kicked in just in time. Thank you Roche Pharmaceuticals and thanks Doc!

After I completed all the tests, I was told that they all came out negative. I was fine. I almost wanted to hear that they found a blockage the size of a stick of butter in my vertebral artery or perhaps that a chunk of my porterhouse steak from last night’s dinner was hanging out in my right atrium! But, the fact was, I was going to be released.

Cut to the next scene, there’s Frank Solecetto! Frank is a long time friend that I got to work with again on this show. Thanks for putting us both on this show Rick!!! He came over to see that I got back to the hotel safely. All the crew were asking about me and were concerned. Actually, I should have had him take me there instead of the ambulance. Oh, that’s right….he sucks at making balloon animals and he forgot his long red shoes and clown wig in New York! Frank, you better pack better next time.

As I finally read the papers that were given to me upon release, It is all coming together now in clear focus. There is a paragraph that says the following:

The cause of your headache today is not clear, but it does not appear to be the sign of any     serious illness. Under stress, some people tense the muscles of their shoulders, neck and scalp without knowing it. If this condition lasts long enough, a TENSION HEADACHE can occur.

A MIGRAINE HEADACHE is caused by changes in blood flow to the brain. A migraine attack may be triggered by emotional stress, hormome changes during a cycle, alchohol use, certain foods containing tyramine, eye strain, weather changes, missing meals, lack of sleep or over sleeping.

Bingo, a bad migraine headache! I hit six of these items. A headache!!! An ambulance ride to the ER for a headache! I am obviously going to follow up with my doctor, but, I mean really…….a migraine! That’s enough to make you feel like a real jackass.

All goofing aside, I am glad that is all it was. It’s going to be great to be able to see my kid on Fathers Day. And for all you dads out there, have a happy one. And since you are able to, make sure you tell them how much you love them and how proud you are to be their father!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tombstones of the unknowns

I have always thought that tombstones were a great subject for images. These really stood out to me. Its not the shape or texture, but the fact that there are no names on them. Makes you kind of wonder who they are for. They might have been on the other side actually......didn't think of that. Well, if thats the case, then the premise for this post is, well, really kinda lame!

These were captured in Boston, just outside a small church in the city. I used a few textures to apply color and depth were I wanted it to be. The shadow streaks across he stones is actually an out of focus texture.

Enjoy :)

St. Leonards in Boston

St. Leonards in Boston, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

This is a view looking towards the back of the church. Finally got the name. The name is St. Leonard's and its in the North End of downtown Boston. I hope to do a little exploring later today after the show.

Enjoy :)

Ceiling detail

Ceiling detail, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

Went back to the church ....... with the tripod this time. I am processing a few images while on headset out at the lighting console. As Rob and i were getting ready to leave the church, I said to him "We really need to get the name of this place" and that was the last I remembered that til today. I know it was on Hanover Street, or at least I think it was. Guess I'll google it later. Enjoy :)

Another imageless post

You know, if another day at the office means having an incredible time with really cool people that you haven't hung out with in a long time (too long of a time), then, that's a great day at the office! Its days like this that I am really thankful for my chosen career path. There are a lot of really cool people in the world. I'm glad I know a few of them! 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rocket Show Collage

The show here in Boston is underway. Here's a sample of some of the set looks I have created for todays sessions.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boston Church 1

Here's another shot of the church that this pinhead forgot to find the name of! Kind of leaves you wanting more information! I know, sorry. Well, its in Boston....I know that much. This was a handheld 5 shot exposure. Why no tripod Mike? Well, remember, I'm the one who forgot to grab the name of the Church! The tripod was enjoying a nice the hotel room! Nuff said. 

I am up here with a team of freelance AV techs on a pharmaceutical meeting. A few of the other guys are into photography as well, so we go out shooting in our downtime. I introduced a couple of them to HDR photography a while ago and have been coaching them along. The funny part is that I am learning this stuff as I go along as well! It's cool to share your knowledge when you can.

HDR or High Dynamic Range photography is the process of bracketing your shots as to expose for the extreme highlights to the extreme shadows. I find the process quite fascinating. Some people love, some hate it. I take these exposures into Photomatix and create an HDR file. It then gets "tonemapped" as I see fit, then I finish my adjustments, contrast enhancements, and sharpening in CS3.

You can see some shots on my blog of this process. My last 2 posts are from a church up here in Boston!


Church in boston

Church in boston, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

Well, sorry, I have no info where this was shot! I have a load-in in about 5 hours but wanted to get an image out. Went out shooting with Steve and Rob from our crew and have a bunch of images to work on later. I am in Boston on a show. More on all this later!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy New Year

And now for something completely different!

I have been working on gathering and processing a few images from this season for a cool project for my company and came across this. I was behind the lighting console on New Years Eve and shot this one handed while the other hand was slamming buttons firing off confetti, strobes, and other lighting effects on the countdown. I had the D3 on continuous high shutter. Neadless to say, I filled the memory card. It was a rocking party to say the least! Drew, what are we gonna do to top it this coming year!

Scrambling to pack for an out of town event again. Tomorrow morning, I leave for a 4 day gig in Boston. More from there!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Chillion castle

There is a great footpath from the town of Montreux to this castle on Lake Geneva. This swiss town is home to an incredible Jazz Festival I went to last year. I like this image because it is one of the first HDR images I ever completed. I had heard about the concept and had captured some bracketed shots with the intention of working on them someday. I didnt even have photomatix at the time, I had only heard of the concept of HDR before I left for the trip. Can't wait till the next trip there! Enjoy! :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Parrott in Mega Color

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage....The Electric Parrott!" JEEEZ!

This poor little guy had no idea how hard I was gonna twist and tweak pixels to make him look like this. If he did, he may not have posed for me.

Enjoy! :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Flagler Whitehall

Here's another infrared shot taken along the bike path the other day. I inverted color channels, applied a few textures, twisted a few pixels, used some mask layers, and , well, here we are. Not really alot to show for all my time.Thats it, tommorrow, where looking at a hypercolored HDR parrot!

Infrared on the bike path

The bike path in Palm Beach stretches almost the whole length of the island. Its a beautiful ride along the intracoastal with views of some of the nicest homes in the area. I shot this near the Flagler museum in infrared, and applied various textures. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sunset in Lake Worth

Sure it's severely out of focus, could use some foreground, and totally overprocessed, but it doesn't matter. It does bring back fond memories to me though. Shortly after I upgraded my Nikons, I went out shooting with my little one. She was so proud of the shots she was getting! We both were seduced by the sheer beauty of the rich Florida sunset and the ever changing colors in the Florida sky that night. The D300 was HUGE in her little hands, but she fought the weight and held it up like a pro! No daddy, I can do it, she kept saying. We were both enjoying a great moment together. A few days later, she wanted to work with it on the computer. I am glad I fought the urge to tell her that it was way out of focus. It really didn't matter....the proud look in her eyes was all that mattered! Not too bad for a seven year old :)

Honfluer Harbor at night

Another, yet awesome, view of the Honfluer port on the west coast of France. This area of France is not packed with opportunities for the adventure traveler, however, its a great place to just hang out and be....well.....French.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Moroccan Party

I am trying to play catchup this week. I have put alot of things on the back burner that need attention now. Next week I am in Boston, then in MIami, then South America! That is of course if the Visa for Brazil comes through! I am really excited about the possible images I might be able to capture down there. Our schedule should allow a little free time. I am also working down there with a couple of other amature photographers that like the same techniques that I use. Man, I hope this visa thing works out!

I have been proccessing a few images for a client from the last 3 day wedding we did in the Keys. They are not all HDR's, but I have the most fun with those.

Here is one from the last night party. It really wasn't that red, but i think it looks cool.


Monday, June 2, 2008

Yacht Club

Walt Disney World continues to be a magical place for people of all ages. For me, its most magical before all the crowds. Sunrise on the lagoon at the Yacht and Beach Club was all mine this crisp morning. Enjoy!

Outside aquarium in Key West

Well, the rooster was cool, but here's one more.

In Mallory Square in Old Key West is one of the oldest outdoor aquariums around. It was kinda ripped apart with Hurricane Wilma, but its alive and kickin' today. It has a great petting tank at the entrance that's great for the little ones. Crabs, slugs, sea urchins, and the like. Once again, nice to slow down and be a tourist. Nothing like seeing life through the eyes of a child!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just a rooster

All right, I know, a rooster. What a lame post. Well, when you spend a weekend in the keys with your kid, your not really focused on the art of photography or digital imagery. You shouldn't be, and thats OK. However, when you get back and look at the memory card, you kind of forget that. I mean there are severe slim pick-ins here! Cool kid stuff, yes....creative well thought out shots.....well, ...... here's a cool rooster! Sorry, that's all I got. Be nice or he'll snap at ya. I mean, look at that attack beak! These guys were everywhere making noise all hours of the day.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow.