Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reflections in the rain - Reykjavik, Iceland

Rain is one of those "perspective" kinda things. Its all in the eye of the beholder. As a mind's eye sees reflections and another layer to the dimension of the image. As a lighting director and provider of illumination for events, well, lets just say that water and electric don't play all that well together.

As I listen to the soft rain from my patio this evening, I considered heading to Cityplace with my tripod, but since they seem to like harassing the DSLR and tripod toting photogs like myself (regardless of the hundreds of dollars spent there), I think I'll just promote Iceland instead. As was the case in this scene while wandering thru Reykavik looking for reflections, I was never hastled at all. But 2 blocks from my own residence, were I contribute to the local economy on a regular basis.....a totally different story. Have fun driving around in your little golfcarts ya overzealous security jackass's!

Wow, that feels better.....

Thanks :)


Genki said...

Thanks for the comment on my greek photos. You have some amazing pictures here. I could only wish to do this.

Anonymous said...

Great photos ... really cool :)