Thursday, June 4, 2009

Still at the dock - Iceland

Still at the dock - Iceland, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

In an effort to continue down the path of "what's the story here Mike", I present the following interview with myself.....

Q. So really Mike, what is the story with this one?

A. Well, it was taken in Iceland, I do know that.

Q. And?

A. Well, to be honest with ya, that's about all I got. I was driving around like a lunatic, you know, chasing the light in the late afternoon, and I kinda like the composition I chose and the vibrant color possibilities. I certainly saw the opportunity for HDR, I will tell ya that.

Q. Ok, thats a start, what about the location, where in Iceland?

A. Hmmm, not sure really. Like I said...I was driving around kinda nuts, ya know.....that fading light does it to me...

Q. Yeah, we got that, but this interviews kinda goin got anything else...something, anything, geeez, maybe the boat name?

A. Nope....dats about it...

Q. Ooookey Dooookey.....guess that's about a wrap I guess....aaaaannd cuttt!

(good Lord, what was that! Hope the sponsors aren't reading this tonight!)

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Beatriz Kim said...

That was hilarious! Hmm... I have some doubts about the complete accuracy of said conversation. It seems you have more to say rather than less to say ;)

Captain Kimo said...

Very awesome shot mike