Monday, June 29, 2009

Look up at the Minneapolis Skyline

I am always happy to get emails from people who happen to stumble upon my work. I love taking images....lots of images. Other than the inner passion, there is no external driving force. I have never been sent out on assignment or had any expectations placed upon me to produce a body of work (well, other than my Iceland trip I guess). I guess that's one of the reasons I still love it. There is rarely a day that goes by that I don't dream of wandering off to some far off place to bring back images of the world....."as I see it". It is that dream that continues to fuel my constant immersion into the craft and art I guess.

So, all that gibberish being said, I am always quite humbly honored when i get a complement or reply as was the case today. While working up in Minneapolis on the Republican convention, I had a few precious moments to wander the city to capture the "World as I see it". Well, today I received an email from some folks up there wanting to use some of my images from up there on their website. Like I said, that's not what drives my passion, but it sure is cool when those kind of emails come in :)

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