Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Landscape without a subject

Landscape without a subject, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

The most challenging part about traveling across the state via "Alligator Alley" is just that, the gators. I quite often find myself scanning the canals like a little kid, lookin' for gators. The designers of this speedway of sorts, in their infinite wisdom, placed very few turnoffs to actually pull over and appreciate the vast and seemingly infinite beauty of the Everglades. Having said that, you can likely envision the options I had as I crossed this little bridge and noticed a photo op. You got in! Swerve off the road as to prevent the jackass that was doing 90mph behind me from slamming into my vehicle. I then backtracked a few yards running awkwardly with the tripod and D3 bouncing into my side as the dust, dirt, and road debris from the oncoming traffic blew into my face at hurricane force. Not really the image you might have had in your mind while looking at this serene landscape, but there ya go :)

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Alex said...

I've just look over your blog and images.
Some of them are really fantastic!
Thanks for posting them.