Friday, December 18, 2009

Time to decompress - Sunset at Seabring

So I was asked at the book launch party last night about how I have been able to diligently post a a blog post just about every night. Well, for me, its all about the escape. There are those who escape to the bottle, the TV, the gym, the club, the internet, you name it....we all look forward to that daily escape. I guess this is mine. Sure, there's the occasional useless tweet or mid day facebook post, but this is more of a focused....uhhh, well.....what is it exactly? Kinda like a rather long worthless tweet actually. Yeah, well, sorry about that......let's hope tomorrow evening is a bit more insightful!

Anyway, enjoy the image!

Thats the real escape for me actually. Spending a little time painting and playing in the digital darkroom this evening was rather therapeutic. After finishing a few proposals for up and coming events this evening, this little escape to my world of color and light is just what I needed!

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