Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lighting on the bay - APOA in Tampa

About a month or so ago, we were proud to be part of a week long summit for AOPA in Tampa. I hope to post a few more over the next couple of weeks, but until then, here's a little tease.

Overlooking the Tampa bay was a great location for this evenings event. The long hallway with its 30' columns was a great empty palette for us to paint the colors of the evening with light. The ceiling of the long corridor became a blank canvas to project kinetic waves of light to simulate water and waves. Over top of that, in a slight amber contrast, were projected images of seashell patterns. Good food, great music, dramatic lighting, and exquisite decor.....as always, its great to see it all come together!

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Erik Kepler said...

I have to say from that picture you have some amazing talent and it looks beautiful, Tampa is one of my favorite cities to visit for sure. Keep up the good work.