Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cookie time again! (and a little conversation with self)

Q - So, cookie time again hey?
A - Yeah, time goes fast doesn't it?

Q - You bet it does. So, another year gone buy. Shes getting a bit older now. How ya feel about that?
A - Wow, thats a tough one. Can't anybody figure out how to freeze time yet? This is a good age you know. Little kid, little know what they say.

Q - Dude, your doing just fine. Three years now on your own. You seem to have it together. Balancing work, career, personal life, your future, and of course your daughter. Just keep it up...balance it all, and remember what's important. Memories, for you, for her.......especially for her.
A - Yeah, I know. I need her too :) and hey, thanks for the nice words....I need to here that sometimes, ya know

Q - No problem, thats what I'm here for. So on a lighter note, how did the kitchen hold up.
A - Well, got it cleaned up in about an hour. Looked like an explosion of sugar and flour. Kind of a disaster actually.

Q - And the cameras?
A - Covered in flour of course! Sticky floury mess...

Q - Was it worth it?
A - Every bet!

Q - Cherish the memories my friend!
A - I will, and thanks again!

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