Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boat in the harbour in Honfleur, France

Kind of a departure from my usual style of upload here. Not that it really matters, but I think I was experimenting with Corel Painter (for all you digital darkroom cats out there). I say that cause its been hanging out in the upload file for a while...too long actually. I don't really love it, but its a nice soothing image for me as about 15 minutes ago, I was wondering what the PC desktop would have looked like had I actually dropped in out the window from the 6th floor condo that I live in. Yeah, that hard drive was spinning, gurgling, skeegan, and whining, while doing only God knows what. I mean, all I wanted to do was turn it off! Sometimes I look over and look at that read/write light blinking and wonder "what in the f**k are you doing!!!" I must say, its nice to come into the other room to the Mac. It never seems to be off doing some other "computing" that I didn't ask it to. Its always just there for ya and ready to rock!

Geeeeeeez, what kinda tangent was that? Good grief!

Anyway, this image is just another example of what can be done in post with the arsenal of tools at our disposal. Corel Painter, indeed, a program I hope to experiment with a bit more in the future. (on my trusty and dependable little Macbook Pro and Wacom tablet of course!)

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