Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Night lights in Boston

Night lights in Boston, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

Any day that starts out with a phone call from a couple of friends can't help but be a good day. With that in mind, this shot seems most appropriate. While up in Boston a few clips ago (Ok Mike, what does that mean exactly......not sure are ya........didn't think so.....well, carry on.....) I had a chance to explore a bit of Boston with a couple of fellow photogs.

I must say, I love those shows that reward me with a chance to explore a new city with a few friends. During one of those moments, a couple of us happened to stumble upon this cool location near the Boston Harbor.

And not that this has anything at all to do with the mood, heres a link to the music I processed to this evening.

You know...I think its time for a few festive holiday shots, don't you? Guess I gotta get to work on that!!!

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