Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time-lapse Tuesday - Banyon on the bike path in Palm Beach

Indeed, the time-lapse upload is a bit dark, but only on youtube. Still trying to figure out why. The still was one of the ones taken while the time-lapse camera was "doin its thing". Coulda been longer actually. Next time, maybe I'll place the camera and hire a security guard for the day. (Ok, this is getting outta control!)

Oh, one more thing.....actually 2....

If you look close, you can see me running about capturing the evening with the other camera. Not sure if thats earth shattering info, but its kinda funny to me! Secondly, I have a camera at this moment in the ceiling at the event I am on capturing the turnover of the room from general session to the party that is going on now, and with any luck, the tear-down. Should be kinda cool.......unless of course it's totally lame!

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