Sunday, July 12, 2009

Son et' Lumiere Sunday - Details from a wedding - part deux

This Sunday for Son et' Lumiere Sunday (a weekly peek into the inner workings of the unique business of special event lighting), I would like to pick up where we left off last week. Although I appreciate all the intricate details that make up the bigger picture, it is in fact this bigger picture that requires the large brush strokes of our lighting design. As mentioned before, this particular event had a common theme......color, and that color was lavender.

Breakers Wedding - Head table

This color, in addition to being utilized within the floral, tablecloths, and decor, was the driving force in the lighting that we painted the room and details with. LED uplighting around the room was dialed into the precise color to complement the decor.

Breakers Wedding - more table details

Each table had elaborate floral details that were individually pin-spotted. This contrast made each center piece appear to pop with brilliance while providing a nice reflected ambiance and warmth.

Breakers Wedding - More of the table

At this point, the cool daylight color temperature of the Florida sun was still sneaking itself into the room through the custom lavender drapes.

Wedding cake

The wedding cake, at an event of this level, is always a spectacular piece of art. It is our job to make sure that it is lit as to be seen by all the guests. (and of course, to fight of the urge to attack it with a fork!)

Hand Painted Dancefloor

An elaborate canopy of cherry blossom branches were suspended from a custom truss grid that we rigged to the ceiling. With the use of electrical chain motors, the decorator was able to wire all of the branches to the grid that we intern were able to raise with the push of a button. After this beautiful ceiling of texture was raised, the custom hand painted canvas was then stretched over the dance floor. An incredible effect indeed!

Capturing the evening on canvas

As a finishing touch and a unique remembrance for the bride and groom, an artist was commissioned to create a painting of the finished room. The finished piece of art actually had quests included that were wearing the exact attire they were wearing that evening!

Hope you enjoyed this little look into the window of one of our events. More next week!


Catalin said...

That's an impressive focus on details!

gpenapalma said...

My, my, god!! It´s just incredible how you work !!! Congratulations !!!!!!