Saturday, July 18, 2009

Heading out to sea - World Wide Photowalk 2009

Looking for a unique perspective on a location that I have frolicked (frolicked???) during my younger years while on a photowalk today with about 40 other photographers was kind of a challenge. I must admit, I had a few nice chats with some fellow shooters (isn't that what its all about actually?), but my shots are....well...chalk full of disappointment. A complete memory card full of garbage as it were. This one is definitely a case of "fix it in post." This image didn't really come to life until it got a complete overhaul in Photoshop CS4. I have another that I worked on a bit that I'll post later in the week. Well, I guess 2 keepers isn't too bad.

On a completely different subject, I have arrived safe and sound in Miami. Insane drivers down here....yikes. Saw an overturned van that kinda became part of a warehouse. As I passed the carnage, I couldn't help but yell out "Told ya to slow down ya jack ass!" Sorry, these drivers make me nuts!

Anyway... We are at The Turnberry Resort for a corporate event for the next 5 nights. Awesome bed, comfortable room, and a tired body. TIme for some shut eye before the madness in the AM. More on ALL of this later.....

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