Sunday, May 3, 2009

Too short of a life in Iceland

The funny thing is as I was scurrying about this site at about midnight here in Iceland the other night, I didn't really notice the details. When I processed it, however, I couldn't help but realize the name and more importantly the date on the stone. At the moment I was capturing this, my only real focus was to get a good composition, level the tripod, rip out a few exposures, and then scurry for the rental car to get out of the cold.... and man, was it cold! It was only until late last evening when I was processing this while listening to some deep music on my headphones....zoning out like I like to do....that I really noticed how young this man was. Someone who I have obviously never met. Someone who most likely meant a lot to a few people was now the subject of my image. It was kinda strange I must say.

More to come!

BTW, even with what has been some severely disappointing lighting conditions, I am filling these memory cards at a rapid pace. I hope to do a wrap up on todays adventures soon. Stay tuned :)

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Rick L said...


I really like this shot. Nice sentiments, too. Funny how, as we get older, young gets older and older too... (huh?). In a way, you made this soul a little more immortal. Looking forward to hearing all the stories.