Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cityplace fountain - and another late dinner

Regardless of the fact that I am presently not working the insane hours that I do in the season of South Florida, my eating schedule is still random and quite frequently that of a Southern European. As I fondly recall 10PM dinners that I had throughout various Mediterranean countries, I think its about time for dinner. Perhaps fish at the Greek Taverna Opa is what I need. Yummy! About 2 blocks from where I live is a little oasis called "City Place." It's a great place to just stroll over at anytime for a quick bite or cup of coffee. If you can't find a restaurant for your your liking here.....well, you're probably not hungry!

Fountain at Cityplace

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Jenny Whitaker said...

I miss City Place... it's so pretty and "Florida-y" which is something I miss! Hope you enjoyed your dinner - whatever you chose!!