Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Iceland landscape - from out the window of a moving truck!

I have many images already processed and much more to go through, but this one is one of my favorites so far. Not sure why. From the words of a famous photographer named "Vincent Versace", don't take pictures, be taken by pictures. Well, when I saw this scene developing, I was taken. As we were heading out with the group on an all day excursion to a few locations around Reyjeveck (I think I already forgot how to spell it!), there was a moment that this mountain was being sculpted by the incredible morning light. I quickly wound down the front side window and cranked out a few shots. Yes, this is a handheld shot taken from a moving vehicle! A quick glance at the LCD indicated that I captured something....not exactly what I had seen, but something. The real magic and reenactment of the scene would have to wait for post. And yes, this is why I was "Taken by a Photograph". Enjoy :)

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Beatriz Kim said...

Really breathtaking!