Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A little bit of house keeping

A few blog updates

Geeeeez, is that a stupid title or what? Anyway, for you old and new bloggers out there that might be checking out my posts and pics every so often, I just wanted to mention a few things. I updated the side bar of the blog a bit. I have a followers widget that you can set yourself up on. I'd like to see ya there :) ! There is also a link to my Image kind site for prints. I don't have many there yet, but I hope to change that. Also, there are a few links to some other sites I like for imaging as well as my posts by categories and dates. And lastly, I have a group of links to my business site (look for some MASSIVE changes over the summer on that), as well as links to my facebook and gallery sites. I hope to update my main gallery site soon so stay tuned for that. The flickr link takes you to a site that lets you view all the sets of images I have, then view in slideshow vies, etc. Kinda cool so check them out! Also, if I can remember to add the code, clicking on an image on the blog will take you to a larger view from now on instead of taking you to flickr....again, if I remember to add the code....

There is a lot to learn in these new times we live in, and its great fun sharing all this knowledge. For example, I just got off of the phone with Steve (a fellow blogger and friend) and we exchanged tips. It seams to be a reality that a massive paradigm shift is taking place in the entertainment and information world. For many of us, the TV is no longer the preferred way of content delivery. Our valuable time is ever more shifting to content that WE create and WE proactively look for. With that in mind, I am quite honored to have you here!

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Tawny said...

your work is amazing. i was referred to your site via a friend and I must say that every image you take is absolutley orgasmic! Looooovvvverrrrrrly and your eye! Wow!