Monday, May 18, 2009

Reflections on the Oregon Coast

As is SO often the case, the days barrage of ideas for my blog post are all but completely vanished into thin air. For some reason, my thoughts seem to be vividly focused on opportunities, plans, and visions of drastic change these days. What's that all about. Anyone else sharing these thoughts? Usually, several times throughout the day, an idea pops up and I think "Hey, there's a great idea to compose a blog about".....and then, soon after....poof, its gone. Sounds like I need to start twittering. Just what this world needs from me isn't it, more little tweets to add to the millions of terabits of nonsense out there. LOL

For tonight, served up for your enjoyment, the magnificent Oregon coast. Having forgotten about 15 or so ideas for tonight's post by now (must be the heavy dose of antibiotics for the swelling in my arm.....long story....), my inspiration comes from a flickr friend that is treking about Oregon this week. I have always been intrigued at how 2 people can wander thru what seems too be the exact same setting and create such unique perspectives in their art. Thanks for the reminder Rachelle....

Anyway, nuff for now. I feel like I am fading fast!

As day comes to an end

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Captain Kimo said...

Sweet photograph Michael... love the mood that this image puts out. Haven't been on flickr lately, its been taking up to much of my time, lol!