Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spiraling out of control

Spiraling out of control, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

After somewhat of an emotionally draining day, I must admit that I have no energy to wright and properly compose what I really feel is the most appropriate post for the day. What I will say is that sometimes, as a small business owner, you have to make decisions.....really tough decisions. These decisions are most difficult to make when you realize the ripple effects they might make to others.

Part of the magic behind the long term success of any organization is making these decisions before things tend to spiral out of control. Perhaps hanging out on one of the stable landings along the way is what's needed for the long term stability. Fuel up, strengthen up, take cover for a while if needed, and prepare to head back step at a time. Like I said, there is a lot more I would really like to say.....and will soon. For now, I think I am stopping off on one of these floors for a much needed rest. More to come....

(FYI, the image above was from my hotel in Iceland, and for me, well it seemed like it fit in with what I was feeling at some point today)


Steve LaRose said...

That is a sick shot Mike! Hang tough my friend.

Beatriz Kim said...

Sorry to hear about your day. I hope you found some comfort before the day was over! If not, tomorrow may bring some relief.

This shot is amazing! It made me think of being inside a snail. Hopefully, you're not spiraling down that quickly!

Wishing you a better and more gentle day!

Jenny Whitaker said...

Hey Mike - Awesome shot... and I love how some of your images (especially this one) can not only capture an object, but can relate a feeling... good or bad - your photos are never "indifferent"... that's the sign of a true photographer - your images are filled with emotion! Hang in there!!

Rick L said...

Mike, I feel you, my friend. Even though the light at the end of the tunnel is just a little dot right now it's there. You know I'm here if you need anything. Hey, we always have Boston!