Friday, May 8, 2009

Better brighter skys are just ahead

Similar to the Icelandic sky's I was just recently fortunate enough to get to enjoy, the days ahead are bound to be unpredictable.....not bad per-say, just a bit unreliable. Like I have noted in a few posts recently, its what you do with what you have. Just like what seemed to be horrible lighting at the time for my images, it was actually perfect lighting for images that I wasn't really looking for. It was up to me to use this lighting as for its own distinctive quality when it presented itself. It's when you realize this and take advantage of the situation being presented to you that you excel and in turn, prosper in the long run. Just like all of you out there, I am joining you in this journey of hope and discovery. To look for new ways and choices to pull us through the tough times. The trick is to try to embrace every condition and look at each small roadblock as an opportunity to help create a better future for ourselves.

You know, every evening is usually my time to reflect on the day, grab an image, post it, and attempt to create some sort of descriptive caption. Sometimes, this comes quite easily and other times....well....I crack the knuckles, warm up the hands, extend the fingers to the keyboard, a deer in the headlights, I freeze! Well, like tonight, after I do that.....I usually just ramble on like a lost goat. I just hope it somehow made sense!

So, what's on tap for the weekend and next far as the blog that is?

Well, I think I'll finish out the weekend with a couple of more from Iceland if you don't mind. Into next week, I hope to play a little catchup with some images from a few recent shows......a wrap up if you would. I hope to clean out a few images out of my archives and post several on a few of the days. I also plan on a few self assignments to keep the creative energy flowing. Stay tuned for that :)

And, oh yeah, thanks for the great comments both here and on flickr as well as the emails. I appreciate it!

One last thing, I sold an image to Newsweek Poland of a Brazilian bridge that I took. Very cool :)

Well, enjoy the weekend folks, and as always, thanks for viewing!

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