Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jardin du Luxembourg

If this blog does one this, it allows me to take a short daily mental break....and in this case, remind me what a nice long Parisian break might feel like about now. Nothing like wandering around, care free with a camera in Paris. Great memories to relive :)

You know, I'm not complaining cause its great to be working, but I wish we could spread out some of our events coming up. As I tirelessly plan the next 3 weeks, I realize that we are gonna be jammin hamsters! (alright Mike, what on earth does that mean?) Why does it all happen at the same time. Actually, you think would be used to it by now.

To top that off, there is a boatload of family coming in town (well, not literaly a floatilla) that I might not even get to see at all :(
Like I said, I'm not complaining, I'm just...well....freakin' out a weee bit and trying to get caught up. Time to fire up the new coffee press.

Hey, are sharp chest pains a good thing???

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