Friday, January 23, 2009

An amazing amazing bathroom!

Try taking out a camera the next time your in an airport bathroom and see how many friends you make. Probably a good way to get your ass kicked in O'hara, or say, LaGuardia. This, however, was in Singapore. The airport in Singapore was by far one of the best I have ever been in. And the bathroom....geez, like something out of an architectural digest magazine! Luckily, there was now one in it when this goofball found it necessary to take out his camera and capture this very strange portrait.

"So that's the post for tonight airport bathroom....nice....."

Sorry, its late and I'm REALLY tired. FIve events down and 3 more to go this week. We're rockin'.....thats for sure. Feels great to be in the season. More from these soon :)

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