Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year! (about time!)

New Years is one of those special Holidays for me. For as long as I have been in the events industry (24 YEARS!), this is one of those nights that reminds me of why I got in this crazy industry in the first place. My memories of New Years events at the Flagler for those crazy Young Friends of the Red Cross Party's with Bruce are about as vivid as what I ate for dinner tonight actually. This special Holiday evening is one of those that I have always felt the need to be on an event. The caos, the noise, the excitement, all of it.....I like it. Not sure why, but, its part of me. I can think of only 2 New Years Eve's in the last 24 that I wasn't ringing in the New Year with the stress that running the lighting, sound, and technical elements of a large party brings with it. To be honest, I really felt a bit lost on both of them.....like a penguin at a beach bonfire. (Whhaaatt! My god, what in the hell is he talking about?)

Earlier in the day
During the day, Drew's crew was hard at work getting the balloon drop ready. Right here is always a great place to consider what would happen if the string got stuck and the balloons never fell. Well, I've seen it actually. One year, the whole bag was actually...or should I say eventually....brought down. In one big clump that is. The mayhem on the dancefloor as the party goers attacked the bag as to dislodge the balloons was a high point to the evening!

Gettin' goofy at New Years

As we started to get into full swing, for some reason, I felt it necessary to try to get a self portrait of Eric and I composed. Nothing like an unflattering closeup with a wide angle lense.....(yikes!)

Up near control

Details near the console

As to enhance the "Vampire's Night" theme of the evening, the front of the control area was treated with hundreds of battery operated flicker candles....a really cool effect!

Eric keepin' the grove goin'

Keeping up with the energy of the evening, Eric slams the GMA lighting console to the beat of the music.

It's a party!

All right, were past the hump, now where's my glass!

Really Gettin' Goofy

Alright, this was after another glass!

Here come the baloons!

And down come the balloons!

After the fall

As I look back at the images, all the hard work looks like it paid off. Hmmm, wonder where we will be next year?


Aaron Wormus said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I love the candles!

Drew Dedo said...

Mike as always the narrative is more than perfect and the images are incredible! Thank you for everything you did and continue to do. I look forward to next year and of course making 2009 as great ad it can be. See you at MA and I hope all is well!!