Saturday, January 30, 2010

Waiting for the thousands - Market America at the American Airlines Arena

Wow, how time flys. I think this is actually the 10th year I have worked on this event. Just after this was taken, the house doors were thrown open and the attendees scrambled to get a great seat for an intensely packed day of knowledge, training, and inspiration. We're about half way thru the day and coming down the home stretch. The closing will include a little mini concert with Latin star Alejandro Sanz.

My home for the week
My home as I like to call it for the week. All the basics for a great show.....a lighting console, an online backup console, laptop, internet access, cue sheet, a nice chair, water, and most important.....COFFEE!

View from the floor
On this view from the main floor, I tried this little technique to simulate a kind of "rendering" look. Kinda cool? I like it :)

And this last one....well, nuff said. was kinda late indeed! (click on it, its a video)

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