Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Midday around the Arc d'Triumphe

My first recollection of this monument was quite a while ago. Bleary eyed, and a bit weary after a day trip from London, I caught a quick glimpse of this arch lit up in in Paris night. Whilst buzzing by late in the evening on a bus tour surrounded by about 50 Japanese tourists with flashing strobes going off all over the inside of the coach mind you, I remember taking off the headphones with the narration, leaning over to my dad, and whispering "now, what the heck is that again?" LOL, yeah, that was certainly a bizarre way to see this most impressive of cities for the first time. We had this strange idea that the City of Light was also The City that never sleeps. Well, let me tell you.....about 3AM, there's a lot of sleeping going on, cept for us mind you. About the only place to end up around 5AM without a room, is one of the train stations. That is, until you get kicked out of them. I tell ya, that was the closest I ever felt to being homeless. Funny how vivid that feeling is even 25 years later! I've since taken the time to properly visit this vibrant city, quite a few times actually, but will always remember the first.

Sometimes I wish I could call him and laugh about that trip, and a million other things now that I think of it. Make memories now, when you can.....and share them, now, while you can. Call your folks, your kids, your brothers and sisters,, while ya can......

Miss ya Dad! :(

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