Sunday, January 24, 2010

Searching for clarity along the mucky path

Well, I guess my little blog break didn't last all that long did it? Whilst packing up a few things for a week of events I am on, I caved in a bit. Not a spectacular image, but matched my mood I guess. Vibrant and saturated but yet not really clear on what I should be focussing on. I haven't allowed myself the time to wander and clear the mind out in nature for a while, and I'm starting to feel the call again!

For the immediate future, or at least the week ahead, its time to rock it out. The crew starts at the crack of dawn loading up the semis with lights, cable, and heavy stuff and off we go for a 3 day event for Loreal as well as a week long meeting for Market America in Miami. The schedules a bit funky this week....really funky, and so shall my posts be.

Hope the weekend treated you all well. Start the week out on focus. Call your folks, if you can and tell them you love em', hug your kids, give to someone in need, and do your best to make a difference in someone's day :) Make the day count!

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