Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where the rich are buried - Ricoletta in Buenos Aires

Well, this place....Oh wait a minute, room service is at the door! More about this in a few.....

Hey, I'm back!

First off, its nice to be out on a show again and working with my guys. They rocked the house today, as predicted, and I think I am in good shape for this weeks meetings. I hope to post a few as the week progresses.

Just in case your wondering......french onion soup, roasted free range chicken breast, and in honor of this image from Argentina, glass of Bogeda Malbec. Absolute chow I must add!!!

So, about the image, Ricoletta seemed like a great place to explore. In between paying a few respects to the departed, admiring the unique architecture of the mausoleums, and hiding from the dreaded tripod police, a couple of us HDR addicts from the show I was on clicked about this place. Although the lighting was a bit blahh, I relied on a few tricks in post to create a little lighting path to take your eyes thru the image.

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