Sunday, October 18, 2009

Colors of the Duomo - Milan, Italy

I have never been one to just hang out and miss out on a great opportunity. That especially rings true when I am traveling. My train travel from Nice in the South of France to Lake Como in Northern Italy had me changing trains in Milan. While countless other travelers hung around waiting for their next connection, I opted to lock up the bags, grab the camera, and blaze out of the station. My mission? To capture the details of one of Italy's largest and in fact, one of the worlds most impressive cathedrals as well as the adjacent glass domed shopping 1 hour! The challenge? It was Sunday. Yikes were there a lot of people! Funny part about it, the signs on the outside of the cathedral had pictures of cameras, not just flashes, but cameras, with a circle around it and a line thru it indicating NO photography. Yeah right... After I entered, I was quick to notice the millions of other photographers of all shapes, sizes and varieties paying absolutely no attention to the signs either. The real challenge, getting a clear shot of this most incredible of all places I have ever set foot in. Oh yeah, forgot the tripod!

More to follow someday (including perhaps a little video of all the other cameras LOL!)

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