Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lakeside near Montreux

Lakeside near Montreux, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

With about 4 gigs of images on the memory card and even more in video clips from this evenings event, I find myself looking for an easy image to tell the story of the day. So what does this serene scene of the lake around Montreux have to do with a South Florida Halloween event? Well, nothing really, except for the water....and lots of it!

Our day today started with about 4 hours of mopping up the slop from an out of nowhere downpour on the electrical equipment we have been installing for about the last 5 days........OUTSIDE! Well, I must admit that after all the hard work as always, the evening was a complete success and just another example of why I am so passionate about this industry. Tired, wet, sore, aching, and exhausted......but yet thankful that we had yet another opportunity to be a part of creating such beautiful art. More to come soon!