Thursday, October 29, 2009

Down around the boat launch

Down around the boat launch, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

So anyone who has read this blog or followed it knows that I tend to bounce back and forth between the present and trips from the past......and sometimes from my dreams to reality. Well, presently, we are preparing for a really cool Halloween Party in a sculpture garden. As the space is quite vast and spread out, my team and I have been laying out lights, running cables, and hiding special effects all over the gardens. Last night was the first night of a rough focus to check out our progress. For me, thats when it gets exciting!

While working on this project, the rest of the team has been at the shop, tirelessly prepping for our events that we are working at in Tampa next week. I plan to post more of a day by day account of our progress there as we are doing 2 fairly large meetings, 4 partys, a large luncheon, and an off premise install. Its gonna be a great week!

I say all this because.......uhhhh.....hmmm, lost my train of thought here. Wait, where's my coffee?

Anyway, I hope to post a few images as the events progress and perhaps a video clip or 2. For now, heres a shot from somewhere in North Florida. Perhaps a bit overdone, but I like it.

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