Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunrise to lift-off

Two quick images from the day, from beginning to end. Although they might look like the same location, they are a couple of hundred miles apart from each other. The top one.....pretty much straight out of the camera from the river right out of my room this morning. Not a cloud in the sky, but plenty of birds. What a great way to start the day. Coffee in hand, a cool fresh breeze in the air, bird sounds overhead, and the warm glow of the sun rising up over the water. Sometime life just clicks ya know!

Then, after a full day of blundering about and hundreds of images, I made my way down the coast eventually getting to Cape Canaveral about 9PM this evening. Upon checkin, I verified that a rocket was to take off in about an hour. After a quick search on what settings would be best, I scrambled out the door to try to catch the liftoff. Just off of US1, the locals were gathering to watch the event. The coolest part about being there was the NASA channel that someone had playing on their car stereo.....behind the scenes chatter, all systems go, the countdown....very cool I must note. I have never seen one of these liftoffs up close. I have seen them from West Palm (about 3 hours South) but its not quite the same. That reminds me, I actually saw the Challenger explode from work clear down in WPB 20 or so years ago. Yikes, still sends chills up the spine!


When the excitement of this liftoff happened, I actually thru all knowledge of the camera and its settings out the window. I became a clumsy idiot! I started changing settings and clicking like a mad man......and created some serious garbage! That being said, I have this lousy image to show for it. (looks like an explosion as well!)

Gotta try this again, thats for sure!

Anyway, I'm beat.......more on all this later....

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