Monday, March 23, 2009

Old truck in Napa Valley

Well, as I have done all too many times in the past, I am pulling one from the vault. While trekking thru California's wine country in what seemed like an illegal crash course in the region, I happened to find this subject just outside of a cool little winery. Napa is supposed to be enjoyed and sampled like.......well, a fine wine!

This knucklehead crammed thru it like the first time I sampled Venice as a 25 year old. In, out, done. Where's the next train off to?

Stupid, I know...... I gotta learn to slow down! ..... Maybe next trip.

Anyway, as always, when I don't have an image that I captured and worked on for the day, I head for the vault. That illusive file on the MacBook Pro...

Upon returning to the room and putting on the headphones (with Radiohead I might add). I chose this one. I met up with fellow HDR guru, Ben Willmore, this evening. A true artist in his own right. (I link to him on my blog). This one reminded me in a small way, of his style (well, not really the more I look at it!)

It was really cool to meet up with Ben as I have admired his work for quite some time! Thanks for the great conversation and best of luck this week!

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