Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The 2009 Lusitano Collection - Part 2

Just before the guests arrived into the Equestrian Center Pavilion, the grounds were given a final combing in anticipation of the champion riders and the collection. And, given the fact that I know virtually nothing about horses, I am struggling with this fabrication of details.

Details of the table
One of the many tables strategically laid out for a perfect view of the horses up for bid.

Lusitano Collection Event - More floral detail

Out at the practice ring
Just outside of the main ring, the riders practiced their moves on the Lusitano's before heading into the main ring.
Horse muscle

A couple of the horses in the show
As this is an annual event, we hope to see a few more of these little guys next year! 
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Steve LaRose said...

Beautiful shots Mike.. I was totally buying into your fabrication of details till you told me you were fabricating!