Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morning color on the St. John's River

My little trip up thru the center of the state last week uncovered a region of Florida that I hope to explore a bit more someday. While the rest of the state suffers from declining lake levels, this area of the St. Johns River seems to be protected from this phenomenon. I can't explain how strange it was to see boat docks in some of those lakes reaching out to nothing. Some were literally 100 or so yards away from the water! Scary stuff......

Anyway, I have a couple of hundred images to rifle thru someday, but I like this one for tonight. A nice soothing calm morning to balance out the crazy chaotic rehearsal tonight. I can almost hear the birds chirping, can you?

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Drew Dedo said...

The reflection in the image is awesome and amazing as always! Great catching up today and hope all is well!!