Saturday, March 21, 2009

Driftwood for days

The South Florida coastline, as unique as it is, is kind of dull for me as a photographer. I am always on the prowl for details to use as subjects. Rocks, shells, driftwood, garbage......well, maybe I would pass on the garbage. That being said, I just about jumped out of the car before it was completely stopped when I found this gem of a site. For some reason, this beach in the San Juan Islands in Washington State had what appeared to be a complete forest of driftwood stung out all over it. Score! For what seamed like a couple of hours, I climbed all over these huge logs, branches, and twisted trees like an 8 years old at the monkey bars. Its processed a bit dark, but works for me this evening. Enjoy :)

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sweetpea_path said...

Greetings from the San Juan Islands. WOW, gotta tell ya I LOVE this image. I walk the beaches here all the time, littered with driftwood just like this, but I've never seen them in my mind's eye quite this way before - excellent work. I am "new-ish" to digital photography myself and this really inspires me! Are you comfortable with sharing any of the techie steps you took to create this? Photoshop?

THANKS so much.