Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Timelapse Tuesday - An afternoon in HDR (and a link to the youtube timelapse video)

Hey, its Tuesday.....and time for another addition of Time-Lapse Tuesday! As I patiently await the upload to youtube of the clip, I'll tell ya a little bit about it. First off, my balcony here is beautiful South Florida seems to be the easiest and most convenient location for the rig. For the most part, I can set up and go about the day without any worry......and actually find the camera there when I return! As I have posted before, the clouds are always a great subject for timelapse. This clip, however, has a little more going on a wee bit into it as I go about the afternoon having lunch, talking on the phone, and reading......all at hyper speed. I know, kinda silly....but hey, it is me ya know.

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