Monday, August 10, 2009

A nice place to stop along the bike path in Palm Beach (and taking a blog break for the week!)

Across the bridge on the island of Palm Beach is a bike path that I have enjoyed riding on for the better part of the last 20 years. While capturing a time-lapse loop with the D300 (that I trashed last week with excessive time-lapse capturing of the load-in), I took the opportunity to enjoy the rest of the area with the D3. This banyan tree is AWESOME by the way. Makes no difference how many times I pass this monster, I continue to be in total awe of its strength and beauty.

As far as my normal post for Sunday nights (Son et Lumaire Sundays)...well, kinda tired and a little burnt from the week, besides, I think you might have seen enough of it from this week.

My time-lapse Tuesday, although I have a few good ones ready for prime time, is gonna be put on the back burner as well. I am heading out in the am for a few days and taking a little vacation up in MIckey Town ....a.k.a. Disney World, with my little one. I should be back on the blog perhaps Friday Night? I am sure you all will survive (LOL!)

Enjoy your week!!!


Richard Haber said...

It looks like an alligator climbing out of the water and up the tree. Very animal-like.

Highton-Ridley said...

A beautiful shot. I love the dark but rich tones in the foreground. Nice!