Friday, August 7, 2009

Market America - Before doors - no stage lights

Without stage-lights, well, ..... it's just a stage! Taken before the house lights were arc'ed down and the set lights worked their magic on the set, this shot says but one thing to me, and that is "Its all about the lighting!"

But seriously, I certainly appreciate the importance of all departments on a show like this, and its nice to be a part of this synergy! Look for a few more shots of what the lighting does to the set and perhaps some video tomorrow!


Mark said...

Michael, I am independent business owner with Market America and have been attending the International Convention. Once upon a time I have worn the hats of either LD or FOH audio engineer for various local and regional bands and now volunteer with church productions... so of course when I attend an event like this I pay closer attention to production then the average attendee.

I have been admiring your work! I love how well the lighting integrates with the set. Well done.

And here I am tonight in my hotel room and my Google alert (which automatically informs me whenever "Market America" pops up on the net) takes me to your blog. So now I get to tell you "good job!"

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Mark Malacavage

Mark said...
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