Friday, May 30, 2008

poolside in Key West 2

Down in Key West now doing a quick site survey for a wedding in July combined with a short getaway with my little one. This was shot this evening poolside after dinner. I processed a 5 image HDR and then processed a raw file for the blue sky and part of the pool. Using them as 2 layers in PS3, I then brushed in what I wanted to show through...and, whaallla, instant garbage!
Thanks for viewing :)

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fsoll said...

I like this blog idea. You can always tell where your friends are and what they are up to, although in my case that's probably not a good idea, seeing that I'm always up to no good. Like the shot. Didn't understand how you got there or what's involved with the processing but it looks great. I like the Whalla...instant garbage..(hilarious)Great shot of a barn in NC. I almost wanna see Laura Ingalls come running from around the back wearing a light blue country dress and carrying a daisy broken off at the stem.