Thursday, May 8, 2008

Details from the Moroccan Party

Here are a few images I processed from Friday Nights Moroccan themed event. These interior shots were taken in a tent built over the pool. Nice detail by the decorator. It was a mega challange working in the space as the pool area is in the center of the backyard and surrounded by walls. Loadin was through a 30" hallway that leads to the front of the house. All power was from a generator parked 200' away. After 3 days of loadin, it all came together and looked incredible!


Berber Events said...

Hi Mike, It was great working with you and Dazzle events, one more time on this wedding in Palm Beach. Hy-Lite Lighting delivered an outstanding job. It really enhanced and brought up the beauty and the authenticity of our furniture, props and decor.
I am looking forward for the next event.

Berber Events said...

Also, i meant to thank you for your kind words.