Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lame attempt at a post

Well, I'm kinda wipped. Been a long creative and productive day. Instead of displaying any images from today, I decided to pull out this one. This is a really bad snapshop of some penguins. ....... Thats it Mike? Yeah, I think so. I am really tired. OOoookayy. That'll have to do I guess. No really, that picture is really bad, are you sure you wanna post that. Yep, thats it. Geeez! Laaaaammmmeeee!


Drew said...

Sounds like a fun wedding and a bit chaotic, and I can honestly say I am right there. I wish I could check out Sunfest...I finally had a chance to pick up on the blogs that I have missed, and I must say the pictures are stunning from the past event...awesome lighting and decor was pretty cool. Now I am off to the fundraiser I have been planning for the past few months, I hope all is well El Capitain, and look forward to catching up after this hail storm of an event is over! Is that a Skittle? Great site, and i will read on!!

Michael Steighner said...

Hey Drew...nice to hear from you! Hope your gig goes well. Man, whats up with that penguins beak anyway?