Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wedding in Palm Beach

This was taken from one of the events we did the lighting for this weekend. As always, I took a great shot and grunged it up HDR style, but hey, thats what I like! I took a few images that came out pretty good. Maybe I will post a collage tomorrow. Just a couple of funny notes about this one. First, trying to keep a clear room during exposures was like taking a picture of I-95 at rush hour and trying to get a clear shot of the road. I am not sure why everyone kept coming in and out of the room, but it wasn't really my place to stop it. Everyone outside of the room had to see what all the buzz was about. I would be 25 seconds into a 30 second exposure and some jackass would stick his head in the door. Sorry, thats a bit harsh, but you get the picture. Case in point, the open door on the left side. (uurrgg!) In their defense, the room did look amazing. Second thing, you can see my camera on the tripod reflected in the mirror top right......woops!

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